Premier Certified Home and Firestop Inspections

   " I learned the value of hard work by working hard. "

                              Margaret Mead

        Construction is hard work. From the architect and engineers that loom over drawings and calculations to the project managers who endeavor to make the project run smooth to those in the field with mud on their boots and dirt on their faces. Since 1785 BC, in ancient Babylon, building codes have guided people to build  to a certain standard.  We believe these standards are in place with safety as the priority. With a Gryphon building inspection not only will these standards be upheld, all the hard work put into the project won’t be in vain. 

 Every inspection comes with its own set of challenges.  There are wide range of inspections performed by Gryphon inspectors. From home inspections to firestop inspections.  Click each category to find out more.