Commercial Building Inspections


Lease Inspections

Business is booming and it's time to move into a new office. The location is perfect, the rate is great, so you move in and set up shop. Then the plumbing starts leaking. Next the electrical panel needs replacing. Who knows what else could go wrong. Let us make sure the space for your business is reliable and ready for you. 


New Construction

At times the local building department will have large scale jobs hire a 3rd party firm to perform on site inspections. We have the experience to help you comply with current and local codes, and the certifications to prove it.



Interior remodels are one of most common projects in commercial construction. The re-purposing of existing space can reveal all sorts of previously hidden problems. Removing systems can potentially affect the effectiveness of electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and firestop systems. Ensure the final product comes out just as imagined by hiring Gryphon Inspection Services!